Side Guard Holsters custom exotic leather holsters designed and made for real people.



Oct 18, 2015:
Major website update.

Exotic Holsters by Side Guard Holsters

Here are some examples of exotics used in my holsters. They include rattle snake, python, alligator, stingray and alligator.  We are always interested in new materials so please let me know if your interested in.

Customer Feedback:

Exotic Inlay Window Holsters starting at $200 (fully lined)

Here are a few examples of exotics inlayed into The Slide or The Snap custom holsters.

                Pink Zebra Stripe  Blue Tigger Stripe  The Snap Alligator  The Snap Alligator  Orange Stingray Model 66 Revolver 

Email me with questions and pricing. Thank you, Erik