Oct 18, 2015:
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Customer Pics of Side Guard Holsters

Rough Out

NAA 22 Revolver Rough Out  NAA 32 Rough Out  NAA 32 Rough Out Pocket

Double Clip

Double Clip Reinforced Bodyguard 380

Double Tuck Clip

Double Tuck Clip for 1911  Back side of Double Tuck Clip Reinforced  Double Tuck Clip On for 1911    Double Tuck Clip 3  Double Tuck Clip Model 60 3

Double Snap

    Double Snap Glock  Double Snap and Min Snap for Glock

Double Tuck Snap

Double Tuck Snap for CZ 

The Slide

CT Laser Grip Smith1  CT Laser 

Grip Smith2   The Slide Glock Leaves

The Slide Exotic

Coonan Python Exotic The Slide  1911 Croc The Slide Exotic  Sig 238 Exotic Rattlesnake The Slide    Python The Slide 1911 and Slide single mag 

The Snap

        Coonan The Snap OWB  Reinforced The Snap

High Slide


 Quick Clip

    Quick Clip S&W K-frame IWB    Quick Clip On  

Tuck Clip

            Tuck Clip Kahr  Tuck Clip Kahr

Minimal Snap/Clip

Minimal Clip Security  Minimal Snap LCR 



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