the pocket mag holder to carry an extra mag.



Oct 18, 2015:
Major website update.

Gun Mag List for Pocket Mag Holders:

  • Single Stack 32ACP
  • Single Stack 380ACP
  • Single Stack 9mm
  • Single Stack 357sig/40
  • Single Stack 45
  • Double Stack 9mm
  • Double Stack 357sig/40
  • Double Stack 45
  • Glock 36
  • Glock 9mm
  • Glock 357sig/40
  • Glock 10/45 

Rough Grab - $20 Single / $25 Double 


  • Rough side out and smooth side in towards the mag


  • Black, Brown or Natural
  • Square or round pocket bottom - Note: Send us a tracing of your pocket for completely custom bottom

Customer Feedback:

  • Dan - Great way to carry an extra mag in your pants or coat pocket for your carry gun .
  • Such limited space on my belt to carry a mag the Rough Grab is a perfect solution even in the back pocket weak side for single stack mags 
  • Tom - I sent a tracing of my pocket to Side Guard and they made the mag carrier to fit exactly for my 5.11 pants.